About Us

"Let's make a way to life"

Jeevan Marga Charitable Trust, since 2016 has been working towards helping children towards meeting their day to day requirement & dreams. We as an organization believe that the children shouldn't be denied to meet their rights without any obstacles in their life.

The problems of poverty, illiteracy, homelessness seems to fall hardest on the children of the families. These families struggle to find basic child care, nutritious food, guarantee of education for their children. In our experience, most parents become helpless and hopeless, while others settle for very mean options, even some parents are ready to leave their children where they don't feel safe or the children may become orphans.

Jeevan Marga is looking into these issues from the source. Not only looking into the issues but also we are providing the right of education, hosting the children in the tution centres, providing them the nutritious food everyday after the tuitions, enabling them to know about their interest and strength that is hidden in them and giving the stationaries which are required.

All over we Jeevan Marga Charitable Trust are indulged in encouraging the children for the welfare of the society and to become specimens. We are consoling the children who lost their parents and being abused by them. So each of these programs is evidence based and closely monitored. We ensure that every child who calls Jeevan Marga Charitable Trust, is reaching their full potential.